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Settle Training - Interactive Workshop

Settle Training - Interactive Workshop

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Event Type: Education 🎓

Accompanying Hoomans: 2

Event Time: 6-7pm

Venue: Charlie + Co, 5 Church Walk, Nantwich, CW55RG.

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Join us for an engaging and interactive workshop "Settle Training," workshop led by  Nose To Trail with over 10 years of industry expertise. This workshop is specifically designed for dog owners who want to teach their furry companions how to settle in public places.

During this workshop, you will learn and practice valuable techniques and strategies to coach your dog on developing an "on/off switch." Mel will share tips and tricks for training your dog to relax and settle calmly in various public environments, such as cafes, parks, and busy streets.

The workshop will feature live demonstrations and interactive settling practice, allowing you to observe and participate in hands-on exercises. Mel will provide tailored advice and feedback to help you refine your training approach and address any specific challenges you may be facing.

Additionally, this workshop provides a unique opportunity to directly engage with a qualified behaviourist. You can ask Rachel specific questions about your dog's behaviour in public places, gaining personalised insights and guidance to overcome any hurdles you may encounter.

Please note: due the nature of this workshop being interactive it is advised you attend with your dog. 

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Charlie + Co - Nantwich

5 Church Walk