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    Order Charlie + Co products via a direct wholesale account right here on our website. Once you have an account, you'll get access to the wholesale area where you can view pricing and place orders.

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    ✔️ 50% off your first order (up to £150)*
    ✔️ 1 year of free shipping with us*
    ✔️ 60-day payment terms for eligible retailers
    ✔️ Free returns on your first order
    *Available for retailers who are new to Faire. View more details on the sign-up page.

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    ✔️ £100 minimum order
    ✔️ Free shipping from £300
    ✔️ 60-day payment terms for eligible retailers

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Why stock Charlie + Co?

User-generated content

Customers who purchase Charlie + Co harnesses love to share pictures of their stylish pets wearing them. This provides you with a valuable source of user-generated content that can be shared on your own social media platforms. We also actively share stockist information with our 80k followers across all social platforms.

Upsell potential

Our growing selection of colorways, each with a wide range of matching products, creates fantastic upselling opportunities for retailers. Suggesting additional matching items and offering bundle discounts to customers are just some of the ways to increase overall transaction values.

Positive brand association

Charlie + Co is growing a reputation for producing durable and stylish dog accessories. Retailers can leverage this positive brand association to enhance their own brand image, showcasing their commitment to offering premium pet products.

Retail packaging

Stocking Charlie + Co products offers the benefit of visually appealing, informative retail packaging. Our branding enhances product displays and captures customer attention while providing essential details for informed purchasing decisions.

Expanded customer base

By offering Charlie + Co products retailers can attract a broader customer base, including dog owners who specifically seek out high-quality and fashionable dog accessories. This can lead to an increase in foot traffic and potential new customers.


How do I create a wholesale account?

To set up a wholesale account, please complete the wholesale application form on our website. Once submitted, our team will review your application and contact you within 5 business days.

Is there a minimum order requirement for wholesale purchases?

We offer a low minimum order requirement of £100.

How do I view wholesale pricing?

Wholesale pricing is visible once you log into your wholesale account. Prices are exclusive to our wholesale partners.

Are there any discounts for large volume orders?

Yes, we offer volume discounts for large orders. The discount structure is tiered, based on the total purchase amount and visible once logged into your wholesale account. If you have volume discounts query please contact us:


Wholesale Enquiries

Please use the Wholesale Account Request Form below to request a direct wholesale account or brand catalogue.

Alternatively, if you'd like to discuss FAIRE or ANKORSTORE, or work with us in any other way, you can email us at:


Wholesale Account Request Form