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Made With Woof - Poop Bag Dispenser

Made With Woof - Poop Bag Dispenser

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Introducing the Charlie + Co Poop Bag Holder, the ultimate solution to your poop bag storage.  

Crafted from quick-drying, lightweight, and durable neoprene material, our 'Made With Woof' poop bag holders is not only practical but also irresistibly adorable. Designed for convenience and functionality, our compact and lightweight poop bag holder easily attaches to your lead, belt, bag, or keys, ensuring you're always prepared for any "business" your furry friend needs to attend to. Never be caught short again when nature calls!

Our 'Made With Woof' poop bag holder can accommodate a full standard-sized roll of poo bags, liberating your coat pockets from their unpleasant burden. Finally, you can reclaim your pockets for more essential items!

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