Alexa, how do you raise a puppy?

Alexa, how do you raise a puppy?

Hi everyone (I say hoping it’s more than just me here!).

Welcome to my very first blog post. Today is 4th May 2020 and we are Day 42 into the U.K. ‘Lockdown’ as a result of “Covid-19”, “Coronavirus”, ‘The Rona’ whichever you prefer.

It’s a life changing experience and most of us are finding ourselves with more time on our hands than usual, which I suppose leads me to explain why I’ve decided to start a blog (sit tight!).



I’d be lying if I said blogging is something I’ve thought about for years but never got around to doing, it’s not! Don’t get me wrong I enjoy reading blog posts, I’m really interested in people and their experiences, but actually putting anything of my own out there onto the internet gives me THE fear (shout out to my friends who know the unreasonable anxiety that uploading an Instagram post gives me. Does anyone else get this?).

However, I do LOVEEEE to tell a story (especially to Paul’s Mum who gives 10/10 reactions; gasps, yays the lot!) and I do like to make people laugh, so blogging would seemingly fit!

But, what do you even blog about?

My Dad has said for years that I should write a book (or a sitcom) about the experiences I’ve had in my career in the NHS throughout the years but I’m sure I’d break some confidentiality laws along the way so, unfortunately, those stories will stay between my Dad and I.

It was actually my friend Hanna who unknowingly gave me the idea for starting this blog. I was relaying a funny story to Hanna about attempting to walk our new Cocker Spaniel puppy Charlie around the house (unsuccessfully I might add) on his lead and she jokingly said "OMG you should keep a puppy diary". Thus, a light bulb moment occurred; A BLOG! What a way to keep a not so personal diary of first time paw-rent hood in our attempts to raise the star of the show, Charlie.

Now I want to make a disclaimer and warn you all that I am in no way shape or form a writer, there will be spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that will drive my grammar Nazi Brother Jonathon mad (if he’s reading).

When it comes to looking after something that isn’t us, Paul and I are just about as novice as you can get; I am not lying when I say I’m battling to keep the ONE house plant I own alive right now. I kid you not these are but a few of my google searches in the last few days:


So if you can deal with the novice topics, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors then we would love to share our highs, lows, fails and the hopefully the odd win as we take you on our personal journey in this new phase of our life as a three!

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