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Preparing Your Dog For A Baby

Preparing Your Dog For A Baby

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Event Type: Education 🎓

Accompanying Hoomans: 2

Event Time: 6-7pm

Venue: Charlie + Co, 5 Church Walk, Nantwich, CW55RG.

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Event Description:

Join us for a vital session, "Preparing Your Dog for Babies" hosted by a renowned Clinical Animal Behaviourist. This event is specifically designed for expectant mothers who are keen to prepare their dogs for the arrival of a new baby.

Understanding that bringing home a baby is a significant life change for everyone, including your pet, this workshop aims to provide you with the knowledge and strategies to ensure a smooth transition. Our expert behaviuorist will guide you through understanding your dog's needs and behaviours, helping you to foster a safe and nurturing environment for your new family.

Event Highlights:

 💡Understanding Your Dog's Perspective: Learn how your dog perceives new additions to the family and how to interpret their reactions.

🐾 Preparation Strategies: Practical tips on gradually acclimatising your dog to the sights, sounds, and smells associated with babies.

❗Safety Protocols: Essential safety measures to implement for both your newborn and your pet.

🐶 Behavioural Adjustments: Techniques to manage jealousy or anxiety your dog may experience

Q&A Session: A chance to discuss your specific concerns and scenarios with a professional.

Who Should Attend: This workshop is ideal for expectant mothers who own dogs and wish to ensure a harmonious introduction of their baby to their furry family member.

Spaces are limited to ensure personalised attention, so please register early to secure your spot in this informative and transformative workshop. Ensure peace of mind during this exciting time of family expansion by preparing your dog to welcome your baby with love and calmness.

Please note: due the nature of this workshop you can attend with or without your dog. The choice is yours. 

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Charlie + Co - Nantwich

5 Church Walk