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Preparing For The Groomers/Vets (Co-operative Care Handling)

Preparing For The Groomers/Vets (Co-operative Care Handling)

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Event Type: Education 🎓

Accompanying Hoomans: 2

Event Time: 6-7pm

Venue: Charlie + Co, 5 Church Walk, Nantwich, CW55RG.

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Embark on a journey towards stress-free grooming and vet visits with this new Nose To Trail workshop 

"Co-operative Care Handling: Preparing for a Trip to the Groomers/Vets"

Does your dog resist nail trims at the Groomers or exhibit anxiety at the Vets? Imagine a scenario where these activities are met with calmness and cooperation. Many dogs face challenges with physical handling and procedures, leading to increased stress for both pet and owner. This event provides proactive strategies to break free from negative spirals, replacing them with cooperative care that prioritises your dog's comfort and well-being.

This workshop introduces you to the philosophy of cooperative care, fostering collaboration and consent in various aspects of physical handling techniques and scenarios including grooming and veterinary procedures.

Learn practical techniques to make grooming and vet visits enjoyable for your furry friend, ensuring a lifetime of positive experiences. Don't miss this opportunity to join us for an informative evening that promises to transform the way you and your dog approach essential care activities.

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Charlie + Co - Nantwich

5 Church Walk