Life's a Peach - Lead

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5 FT / 150 cm

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Designed for a safe and comfortable walking experience our, ‘Life’s A Peach’ range is the paw-fect and practical addition to your pup’s walking wardrobe.

Whether it’s popping to the local park or broadening your pups horizons at the beach, our range of stylish and comfortable leads have got you and your pooch covered!

The “Life’s A Peach” lead is crafted from high quality nylon and boasts a complimentary peach tone pallet with contrasting stripe and our signature Charlie+Co branding.

Featuring soft padded neoprene handles, our leads were designed with user comfort in mind. Each lead contains an additional padded close-control handle to allow for added control and safety when needed. The heavy-duty clasp locks easily and the 360 degree swivel aims to avoid any unwanted tangles!

If you are feeling peachy keen why not complete the set with matching harness and seatbelt!

  • Soft, padded neoprene inner handles for user comfort
  • Length: 5 FT / 150 cm
  • Close control traffic handle for added safety when needed
  • 360 degree swivel clasp to avoid tangles
  • Matching harness and seatbelt sets available