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Welcome to The Dog House!

Here we're passionate about providing pets of all shapes, sizes and personalities the very best care. Our professional groomers are focused on providing pooch pampering services in a safe and relaxing environment.

Booking is easy. Use our online booking system to see available dates, times and services, then secure an appointment that suits you and your dog. Plus, access your appointment history to stay on top of your pet's grooming routine.

Impawtant Info 📑 Appointments

Our services are run on an appointment only basis to ensure your dog receives a fully focused and dedicated grooming session. We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 24 Hours before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee. Our cancellation fee is 50% of the minimum service cost for your appointment, and 100% for no shows.


All prices shown are a starting price. Prices are only determined after a free consultation (at grooming appointment) where the breed, size, coat type and condition will be taken into consideration. Extra charges may apply for significant matting, unruly behaviour or parasites.

By booking an appointment with us you agree to the FULL TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Spa Treatments 🚿
dog grooming

Bath, Brush & Blow Dry

Perfect for in-between grooms or to get rid of those muddy paws! This treatment includes a warm water bath and relaxing massage in a shampoo tailored to their coat type, followed by a fluff dry and a good brush out.

dog grooming

Maintenance Groom

The perfect treatment to keep your dogs coat in good condition in-between their main grooms! Includes a warm water bath, a relaxing massage in a shampoo tailored to your dog's coat type, followed by a fluff dry and a good brush out.
If needed, nails will be clipped and eyes, pads and sanitary areas trimmed.

dog grooming

Full Groom

The full works! This treatment starts with your pooch receiving a thorough pre-groom ensuring their coat is detangled and matt free.

They will then enjoy a warm bath and relaxing massage in a shampoo tailored to their coat type, followed by a fluff dry, brushed out and styling to your individual preference.

This treatment also includes nail trimming, ear plucking and cleaning and is finished off with a spritz of a beautiful hand-selected fragrance.

dog grooming

Nervous Dog Package

Designed for dogs of a nervous disposition or who are not used to being groomed, our nervous dog package is the perfect introductory desensitisation to grooming program.

This package includes 3 sessions, each session will be led entirely by, and tailored to, your dog. We aim to create a positive and playful salon experience for your dog, whilst gradually introducing various pieces of grooming equipment and methods to the sessions.

You will receive an individual progress report after each visit so you can see how well your dog did and what areas you could work on before the next time they come!

Please note as sessions are tailored to your dog, a full groom may not be appropriate, services are entirely dependent on their tolerance to grooming techniques.

dog grooming

Hand Stripping

Finger and thumb technique that helps retain natural colour and texture of the coat. Suitable for wire type breeds such as Terriers or silky coats such as Spaniels and Setters.

dog grooming

Puppy Pamper (Up to 6 Months)

Grooming is a major part of your dog's wellbeing, we recommend that you introduce grooming at an early age. Your puppies introduction to grooming is very important, so to allow us to tailor each puppy individually we offer a Puppy Pamper session.

These sessions include a warm bath using a mild puppy shampoo, followed by a fluff dry and a gentle brush. A hygiene clip, trim of the face, feet and nails (if needed) and lots of cuddles!

dog grooming

Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a non-invasive, silent and motionless treatment that gently removes plaque and tartar build-up, protecting against bad breath and loss of teeth. Reaching deep beneath the gum line the Ultrasonic waves strengthen the gum tissue and help prevent inflammation and peridontitis.

Truly pamper your pooch with some of our additional spa treatments. These can be added to your appointment by selecting them on the booking page.

Blueberry Facial

A specialist treatment to help decrease the appearance of tear stains whilst brightening the coat, particularly beneficial to lighter coats prone to staining. Hypoallergenic and lick safe!

Deep Ear Cleanse

De-Shed Treatment

Fold Fix

A natural balm applied to soothe, heal & protect folds, creases & wrinkles.

Natural Nose & Paw Balm

A soothing balm massaged in to nourish crusty, dry noses & pads.

Pet Safe Temporary Colour (Ears/Tail)

Simple Teeth Clean & Fresh Breath

Face Trim

Nail Clip

Meet the Groomers 👋

The talented groomers here at Charlie + Co - Nantwich work on a self employed basis renting space at our facility. Learn a little bit about them below!

dog grooming
Hey I am Caitlin! The proud owner of Jax&Co.

I am a professional and award winning dog groomer. I cater for all breeds no matter how big or small! I have just under 5 years experience, starting out as an apprentice and working my way up to a senior stylist! I have been on 1-1 training days, attended seminars and entered competitions through the years where I obtained several awards - and hope to continue to win more! I offer trims to breed standard, hand stripping, teddy trims, asian influence grooming and much more! Get in touch for any enquiries on 07415264868.

I can’t wait to meet you and your furry babies!
dog grooming
Hey! I’m Emma, I’m a fully qualified professional dog groomer and owner of my own business, Emma Rose Pet Styling.

I’ve been grooming over 9 years and throughout the years have worked for a couple of commercial salons, including running my own for 5 years. I am best known for my cute teddy trims and Asian inspired trims! I regularly compete at grooming competitions and always love to learn and grow my skills more within our industry. I’m very excited to start my new venture at The Dog House Spa within Charlie + co.

I can’t wait to meet all the new wagging tails that visit me! I hope to see you soon!
dog grooming
Hi there! My name is Adele and I am a newly qualified Professional Dog Groomer based in Nantwich, Cheshire. I was born and raised by the seaside in East Sussex but moved to Cheshire in 2018 to achieve a bachelors degree in animal behaviour & welfare - let's just say I caught the northern bug and never left! Soon after completing my degree I left to study an intensive Level 3 OCN dog grooming course with GroomArts Academy near London. Now I am lucky enough to continue learning and exploring the world of grooming as a self-employed dog groomer at Charlie + Co!

Alongside grooming I co-own Be PAWsitive Dog Walking & Pet Care in Nantwich where we specialize in at-home pet sitting and 1:1 dog walking! You can follow my grooming and walking journeys here!-

I'm looking forward to meeting all your pooches!
dog grooming
Hi, I'm Heidi 👋

Growing up on a family farm in Malvern, Worcestershire, I have always been surrounded by animals. I began grooming the family dogs, but this quickly led to finding my passion for the industry.

I now have a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Management, a City & Guilds qualification in Dog Grooming and have been working as a professional dog groomer since 2018.

One thing I love most about working in the grooming industry is there’s always new skills and techniques to learn; no day or dog is the same!

I can’t wait to meet your pooches!

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Our team is small! So we've tried our best to provide all the info you need to manage your own destiny... (appointments) by using the 'Manage Appointment' button and in our FAQs below, but if you still need assistance then please get in touch:


Tel: 01270 914100

How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

You can easily request changes to your appointment by following the link in your original appointment email, text confirmation or clicking the 'Manage Appointment' button above.

Why is there a matting fee?

In the interest of animal care and wellbeing, severely matted coats will be shaved off using electric clippers with a close blade. To de-matt would cause the animal prolonged pain, distress and discomfort. Many dogs can be left traumatised by unnecessary hours of de-matting, putting them off grooming for life. Shaving the coat is the quickest and most humane method for the animal.

Owners will always be advised before this is done.

Our normal grooming rates do NOT include de-matting. De-matting will be charged at £15 extra due to the following:

  • Manually de-matting a dog's coat is a time-consuming process often this can result in the groomer having to cancel upcoming appointments to allow additional time to appropriately de-matt.
  • Shaving any part of a dog's coat is a last resort, and the groomer has usually spent a significant amount of time and product trying to de-matt areas as humanely as possible before resorting to shaving.
  • The shaving of a matted coat requires specialist equipment and matting blunts this equipment requiring it to be replaced and serviced more regularly.

Can/should I stay during the groom?

As dog lovers we understand that sometimes owners may want to stay with their dog during their treatment, particularly if the dog is nervous, elderly or has a pre-existing medical condition.

Our groomers are happy to discuss your dog’s needs and on a discretionary basis the groomers will allow owners/humans to stay with their dog. However, in most cases dogs tolerate grooming significantly better when their owners are not present.

If you want to discuss staying with your dog during their treatment, please email us on

Do I have to remain on the premises whilst my dog gets groomed?

No, in most cases it’s in your dog’s best interest and safety that you drop them off at The Dog House Spa for their scheduled appointment and come back when the treatment is complete.

The Dog House Spa boasts a desirable town centre location and has the added bonus of being above Charlie + Co, a dog friendly coffee shop serving a range of delicious hot and cold beverages and a selection of cakes. You are welcome to stay and have a coffee downstairs or leave the premises entirely. The groomer will call you when your pooch is ready for collection.

My dog is nervous, can I still book them in?

For dogs that are particularly nervous of being groomed or handled, we'd recommend our Nervous Dog package. This package is an introductory, desensitisation to grooming programme that typically consists of shorter treatment sessions offering a graded approach to grooming entirely led by and tailored to your dog's tolerance.

We aim to create a positive and playful salon experience for your dog whilst progressively introducing them to various pieces of salon equipment and techniques. Our groomers are happy to discuss this treatment with you, please email us

When should my puppy come in for its first groom?

Grooming is a major part of your dog's wellbeing; we recommend that you introduce grooming at an early age so that so they can get used to and learn to love the grooming experience.

Your puppy's introduction to grooming is critical, so to allow us to tailor the experience to each puppy individually, we offer a Puppy Pamper session.

This session is bookable from 14 weeks (or at least 2 weeks after their last vaccination).

How long will it take to groom my dog?

Approximate times for each treatment are listed on our booking page; however, it's important to note that the time taken will depend on multiple factors such as the condition and length of your pooch's coat, their behaviour and tolerance to grooming.

The groomer will call you when your freshly pruned friend is almost ready for collection.

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